Doyle Irish Shillelagh Fighting

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The shillelagh (shi-lay-lee) is one of the most misunderstood icons of Irish culture.  This weapon was used in the faction fights of the 18th & 19th centuries and embodied the fighting spirit and ability of the native Irish.  The Doyle family style is a very effective and aggressive method of Irish Stick Fighting.  Preserved through generations from Ireland to Newfoundland, Canada where it was kept alive through the paternal lineage of the Doyle family. Sifu Tom has learned directly from Sifu Glen Doyle, the Great-Grandson of Edward Doyle who brought the style from Ireland to North America. It embodies the family motto of “Through Fortitude We Conquer”! At Synergistic Martial Arts, we are honored to pass on this treasure of Irish culture. Doyle ISF is regularly practiced in the weapons class.


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Sifu Tom with the current keeper of the style:

Sifu Glen Doyle