Meet Our Team


Sifu Tom  has 30 years experience in the martial arts spanning traditional styles to modern tactical systems. An instructor in four different styles, he began his training in Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate under the guidance of Sensei James Coker. He attained his black belt and then began training in various other martial arts such as Chinese Kempo Karate, Tai Chi Chuan, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. All martial arts have their merits but Sifu Tom found that he resonated most with the no nonsense street applicable style of Jun Fan/ Jeet Kune Do taught to him by  Guro Eric Winfree.  Sifu Tom has trained with Guro Eric for over 15 years in Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do, Combat Submission Grappling, and Filipino Kali. In 2009 Guro Eric awarded Sifu Tom an instructor credential in Jun Fan/ Jeet Kune Do.

While continuing his research into the martial arts Sifu Tom has also been trained by Blauer Tactical Systems. B.T.S. addresses the mental/behavioral side of self-defense and deals with utilizing your startle/flinch mechanism.  It has been a great addition to the Synergistic Martial Arts curriculum.

Continuing with a desire to research his own heritage, Sifu Tom has sought out one of the few remaining teachers of authentic Irish Martial Arts in the world. It is a great honor that he has been permitted to teach O'Dubghail Irish Stick Fighting by Sifu Glen Doyle himself. He also has been given the honor of having an authorized training group in Original Giron Escrima by Grandmaster Micheal Giron.  

Sifu Tom continues to train and progress whenever possible. He is now a member of the prestigious Francis Fong Instructor Association. His ultimate goal is to bring you to your full potential and to teach you that the martial arts will enhance all aspects of your life.

In addition to teaching classes at Synergistic Martial Arts, Sifu Tom is available for seminars and private lessons.



Sija Natania Pribis has been training at Synergistic Martial Arts since she was thirteen years old. She is dedicated to the highest standards in martial arts training and will help you reach goals that you never thought possible.

Erin is a certified instructor in TurboKick LIVE. With the training she received at BeachBody, she's here to make your daily fitness goals feel less like work and more like a good time. Come join the party!